California Dream House: $25 Million Marvel
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California Dream House: $25 Million Marvel

In the heart of Big Sur, California, there’s an amazing California Dream House for sale. It got its cool ideas from a famous place called Paro Taktsang in Bhutan. The price? A whopping $25 million! This fancy home sits on the edge of a cliff, giving you awesome views of the Pacific Ocean that Inspired by the Mountain.

California Dream House: Cool Design

California Dream House: $25 Million Marvel

This special house covers 9.5 acres and is made of glass, steel, wood, and stone. It copied the look of a cool place called the Tiger’s Nest Monastery in the Himalayas. Mike Gilson from Coldwell Banker Realty is helping sell it and says the views are super special.

California Dream House: Best Views Ever

The house is put in just the right spot to see everything cool. You can hear ocean waves and see amazing scenes along the coast. The waves even break right below some windows! Look at the pictures, and you’ll see how awesome it is.

California Dream House: Fancy Building Skills

The house is like a big piece of art. It’s 3,635 square feet and has four tall concrete pillars. They make it look like a sculpture. The living room has a tall stone fireplace and huge windows to bring nature inside.

Upstairs Adventure

There’s a special sleeping area upstairs. Imagine sleeping under a glass ceiling, looking at stars or clouds. Up there, you  get the best view of a glass pyramid in the ceiling. The second floor has a kitchen and a cozy dining area with built-in stuff that makes it extra nice.

Magic Touch by Architect Mickey

In 1997, a cool architect named Mickey Muennig made some changes to the house. He added a special part for the main bedroom, with a meditation cave and a sunken tub for relaxing.

California Dream House: Outside Fun and Nature Magic

Outside, there’s a staircase that goes to a garden and a place for another house. A freshwater stream runs under the house, making it super peaceful. There’s also a redwood canyon nearby, adding to the natural beauty.

What Happened Before and What’s Next

The house last sold in 2002, but we don’t know how much it cost. The owner isn’t talking. Now, this dreamy California home is waiting for someone who loves cool designs and wants to wake up to ocean sounds. It’s a mix of ideas from the Himalayas and the laid-back California lifestyle—a real gem for $25 million!