TIPS on How to step out - Serafino Rudari

TIPS on How to step out - Serafino Rudari

Date: October 04, 2015 Tags: Tips. How To Step Out . Interview. Serafino Rudari.Contemporary Art. Artist . Live Performance. Performer. Blindonkey. Donkeyartprize. Believeinyourself

Here's some more fresh tips for emerging artists that our editorial staff has collected.
The interview is made, this time, to an artist who is already successful and can share his experience and his point of view: Serafino Rudari (

Would you like to introduce yourself to the readers? There are people who know you already, others who don't.. Could you tell us what you do, what you deal with, what brought you to this job?

First of all let me say that I began my professional path since my childhood: my personal project and my attitude toward the expressive arts, in the field of music, dancing or painting, sculpture. I started very young because of my family had a very artistic background.

I went on regular school and fine art academy and I was really into music, but I have always written and expressed my emotions and ideas through paintings.

I used to had other jobs, of course, but I tried to channel my strenght and my work as an artist and a musician towards a profession and I built up a background, I accumulated experiences that improved my abilities and brought me to make some live performances that include both music and painting that i do today.

Well, let's say you are a successful artist, you can actually live out of your works.
Fortunately I can.

Just think this interview will be readen by other artist who try to make it and they need your advice.

I would tell them to grasp every opportunity, to adapt to situations, to try various ways and jobs always remaining faithful to their integrity, their ideas and their style declining it according to what the society asks them so trying new things.

The idea of the artist who stayed out of the social context and had to deal with poverty in order to get in touch with his inner side and understand values isn't valid anymore. We have plenty of possibilities to get in touch with our spiritual side anyway and an artist has to be connected to his/her inner, spiritual side because this is how one can communicate true values.

I often spoke about a primary concept. The languages of music, sound, light are languages that belong to everybody and they are used by nature to express beauty. This is a deep concept of total harmony. Nature comes before us and above us and it is something we cannot recreate. It is absolute and impossible to define.

The artist has to make people aware of beauty. We are surrounded by ugliness that is the result of civilization that hasn't always created beauty.

So you identify beauty as something already given, universal and coincident with natural beauty, am I right?

Yes. It belongs to the human being, and the deep nature of human beings is also part of this beauty. Human values are linked to nature. We must be aware of this and art must me the means to regain this capacity of perceiving beauty, and has to communicate infinity, beauty and harmony, something that goes beyond ourselves.

Tell us more about networking. I can see you are investing a lot in visibility, you have done a nice job with your web site for example. I think it is important for our readers to understand the importance of this aspect, for example one can improve his/her visibility through an international contest such as the International Donkey Art Prize.

Well, an art prize with certain characteristics is a very interesting opportunity.

There are many structures that try to make offers and to organize exhibitions but they ask for money and you never know if there is a true benefit.

With an art prize you have more guarantees and a higher level because there is a selection, a jury, people who try to promote art even abroad and this can be a nice way to start showing your works. There has been an evolution in the last 10 years in the communication field so knowing your strong point in communication helps a lot.So you have to make good use of these platforms, internet first of all and social media. A thing a have learned is that if you have a good thing to say but you say it badly it's useless.

Well, of course, the aspect of the message is coincident with its quality, but after all this is what artists do: they communicate.

Of course, a young artist has to take into consideration the possibilities given by communication and make good use of the media. I always tried to do my best, selecting the best professionals in the field of communication.

Another advice is not to be afraid of time...Because you don't have to be in a hurry, things need to be mature.

Yes, probably many people consider the activity of an artist like fun more than a real job, but it actually is a profession.

Of course. It takes time to gain credibility for your professionalism. You get payed for your work so you can't just be late, don't answer emails or don't go to appointments. You have to be methodical.

So I think I was clear on most of the things you asked. This art prize is interesting because it can be the right step to do today in order to gain international visibility and to have an encounter with the public. This is important because if you aren't, let's say, judged ans seen, also through the media, you cannot really confront others and grow. It's essential to know other points of view and know how others see you.

The real opportunity is to bring your ideas to someone else, not to sell your work. That is the second step and an artist can learn it or not, or he can work with galleries. But galleries have changed a lot in the last 50 years and they aren't the only way for an artist to succeed. Everyone has his/her own ways and experience and meets different people but I advice never to miss any opportunity.

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