TIPS on How to step out - Giorgio Fasol (collector)

TIPS on How to step out - Giorgio Fasol (collector)

Date: April 15, 2015 Tags: Tips. How To Step Out . Interview. Giorgio Fasol. Collector .Contemporary Art. Blindonkey. Donkeyartprize. Believeinyourself

Meet one of the biggest contemporary art collectors in Italy and read what you need to to do to make him falling in love with your art..

How did your adventure as an art collector start? What was the first art object you bought and what brought you to choose it?

My first attempt to buy an art work was the day of my diploma in 1958. I wanted to buy a Morandi I didn't actually know but I had seen him advertised on a review and I thought it was very interesting.

Of course for me it was too expensive so I didn't buy it. My first purchase consisted of a series of art works by painters from Verona. They had organized an exhibition in order to raise funds for a hospital in Africa. In the first case it was an intuition. In the second case the humanitarian aspect prevailed.

Contemporary art collections are destined to be infinite sets that cannot ever be considered closed. Is this an aspect you consider frustrating or, on the contrary, this motivates you to go on with your research?

The collection is an open and dynamic set. To me this characteristic aspect a necessary stimulus that allows me to keep interest and madness alive...

Contemporary art sometimes doesn't find great consensus. For example your choice to invest in Tino Sehgal was somewhat baffling at the beginning but it came out to be a winning bet. Is the risk factor part of the pleasure of collecting?

The true motor of my research the possibility to discover new talents. The risk is implicit so from a certain point of view it is part of the game.

You do invest a lot on young artists. What was the “discovery” you were mostly proud of?

To me they were all personal satisfactions but if you talk in terms of fame imposed by market rules I would like to make 4 examples:

Maurizio Catelan, purchased in 1991

Subodh Gupta, purchaised in 2000

Francesco Vezzoli, purchased in 2001

Tino Sehgal, purchased in 2004

Is there a quid that makes you establish with no doubt you are dealing with a great artist?

The “quid” is what I call “spark”, without it I do not buy the art work. It is like love at first sight.

What advise would you give to a young artist facing for the first time the art world?

My only advice is to know how to deal with the art system. This means knowing how to listen, how to see, being updated by visiting exhibitions, galleries, etc., talking to other expert artists, critics and collectors

interview to Giorgio Fasol by

Laura Nicolae