Official press release - Donkey Art Prize 3

Official press release - Donkey Art Prize 3

Date: March 11, 2015 Tags: Donkey Art Prize 3. 2015. Competition For Artists. Call For Artist. Painting. Photography. Believeinyourself. Juried Art Competition.

Blindonkey cultural association announces the re-opening of the Donkey Art Prize.

The no-profit organization, already discoverer and promoter of several emerging artists on the
International panorama, has chosen Naples to celebrate the launch of the new website and the opening
of the contest.

The young Organization has already exhibited many artworks in the best locations of the world,
galleries and spaces sometimes off-limits for most of the artists, as London (Mayfair), Milan (next to
Duomo), Los Angeles (Santa Monica), New York (Chelsea) or Hong Kong (central).

The art prize, at the third edition, offers several new features compared to the past, starting
from a brand new age-distinction among artists in race, under and over 30 yrs, rewarding, basically, four
art-works with 2,000 euros cash prize..
As secondary awards also, the Prize presents fantastic merchandise items kindly provided by the two
sponsors (Industria Maimeri spa and Momodesign), a personal exhibition in the young Core Gallery in
Naples, T-shirt contest and much more ...

For the Donkey Art Prize 3 the contest's outlines remain those already adopted for the first two editions:
2 categories to participate (painting and photography) and 100 finalists who will exhibit their work in
international locations in cities such as Milan, Miami, St. Petersburg and Tokyo.
In the jury there are names coming from different contexts .. As Nicoletta Boschiero from MART
museum, Gianpiero Riva (instgramers Italy), John Rasmussen and other critics, curators, collectors and
journalists of international level which will judge the works with completely anonymous vote to ensure
everyone the same chances of winning.

Transparency and democracy are two of the main fundamental principles of the organization which is
walking through international fields and tries to aim at the pure meritocracy.

The Prize is open to all artists without boundaries, it is recommended to apply online directly on the
website. The application will be available online until May the 5th 2015.
The hunt for talent is open!

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